piece for michigan

Women's Revenge
12 inches x 12 inches
art quilt

Every fall, there is an art quilt exhibit at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan, curated by Lynn Krawczyk. And every year there is a theme: this year's theme is With One Voice, about all that is good in the world. All the pieces will be 12" x 12" and will hang together, side by side, to make one large piece.

This is my entry. It came out of my desire to see women truly run the world, which would mean a complete overthrow of the world's entrenched patriarchism. And maybe, just maybe, in the next presidential election there will indeed be a woman as candidate. And then, in the one after that, maybe we will actually elect a woman. Then, a hundred years later, the women running the world will be able to do it on their terms, not the ones left over from the centuries before.


end of summer

The official photographs for my good friend's wedding were being held below the balcony where the ceremony had taken place. The unofficial photograph from above: the bride and groom with her family.


business as usual

Second Nature
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

Illustration Friday: routine; that which is habitual, customary, automatic.
Yeah. Nothing new here.


free the beast

Remove the Monster
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

Illustration Friday word: detach. I wanted to illustrate the theme more closely than I have before. Usually, I riff on the word and get going somewhere else. If I'm ever to really illustrate anything, I should try to do that, eh? So, here it is. Tell me if it works.

And yeah, I missed two weeks. Hated to do that; traveling and working on a needlework piece for a show, the deadline for which was moved a week earlier than I originally expected it to be. Yikes! I finished on time. And now am back here.

um...see here

A little bit of. . . what should I call it? Bragging? Self-promotion? Giggly appreciation for the attention! That's it!!!

See GoFlyingTurtle's spotlight on my collages here. And then go look at the rest of his work here.

glacial remnant

This, the smallest of the Great Lakes, is large enough to swallow my self and leave me clear, peaceful, and sated. It yields up rocks and glass, soothing noise that drowns out all else, and a geohistory beyond imagining.


back in new york state

The Erie Canal, as seen here in Pittsford, is one of my favorite waterways. Not as grand as the Missouri River, but certainly the initiator of all the manipulations done to the rivers in the interior. Fie on the dams. But read Ivan Doig's Bucking the Sun for a human view of the building of the Fort Peck Dam on the Missouri in Montana.


last of north dakota

The Enchanted Highway is one fellow's sculptural gallery. Geese in Flight is just off I-94; the rest wend their way south on the little two-lane road through the prairie.

last of montana

Fort Peck Dam on the Missouri River is the largest earth-filled dam in the United States. Its purpose was to provide flood control and jobs, especially jobs, during The New Deal.