in progress

Plate #8
Parliament of Owls
7 inches wide x 5.5 inches high, two-page spread

The theme for The Sketchbook Project, put together by The Art House Co-op in Atlanta, Georgia, is Everyone We Know. I have collected just about everyone I know into a group of owls, called a parliament. They guide me, love me, frustrate me, bore me, enjoy me, elate me, and mostly keep me sane.


winter boat launch

Erie Canal water was drained back in November. What was left has frozen and been covered with snow. Waiting for the thaw and the fill, then the peace of paddling on the water in early morning will return.


winter wind

Somedays are just perfect to hang out the laundry to dry. These sheets nearly flew away; it was that day of remarkable winds coming ahead of the cold arctic air that we have today.


looking at lake michigan

Ren at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Photo by Donna Genzmer. Wonderful place. Go there.


de-icing in milwaukee

This morning was very snowy in Milwaukee; all the planes were getting de-iced, which took about 20 minutes per plane, which explains many of the delays at airports. Chicago was clear. Rochester was sunny. Funny winter systems.