new work

4 inches high by 6 inches wide 
relief print; linoleum blocks and lead cut


shrubs mark the spot

Canisteo, NY, in the Southern Tier, claims to have the world's largest living sign. Here it is.


the milky way

I went to Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania for an event called the Black Forest Sky Party, which is a weekend of astronomers of all levels coming together to look at the sky. Cherry Springs is a dedicated dark sky area, meaning that there are no human lights around and none allowed on the Astronomy Field, a meadow at 2300 feet elevation in the midst of the Susquehanna State Forest in Potter County. Lovely place! The Cherry Springs Dark Sky Association is responsible for helping keep this place dark. Go to the links, go to the park, you haven't seen a night sky light this one if you live anywhere where people light their backyards and parking lots all night long.

This image is best viewed large and in the dark. Click on it and turn all other lights out, and then it will be as though you were with me in the field.