optical game

Cartographers have always known that the direction of light on a topographical object affects how we see it, whether it is seen as a mountain or a hole in the ground.

Here is a wonderful example of this.  These are goose footprints as I photographed them on the Lake Ontario shore the other day.

And here is what they look like turned 180°. Pretty cool, eh?


maxfield parrish morning

The sun was rising in the east, the clouds were moving from the west, and the sky looked like this. A front was coming through this morning; the wind ahead of the front started blowing and the sky cleared of clouds and became blue.

I love watching the weather.


winter on lake ontario

Noon on the Lake Ontario shore. West wind. Mid-20s Fahrenheit. Sun. Clouds. Ice on the beach, the water. Open water beyond. Cold.

Perfect winter day.


merry christmas

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, during those days when less and less daylight lightens our days, this plant on top of my refrigerator does all it can to brighten the nights.

I look at the blooms every time I open the fridge door.


get your heart beating

This fellow, Ken Block, does some very interesting things with a Subaru WRX. Click on his name to see those things.


grey day antidote

Red Sky in Morning
about 45 inches x 45 inches
art quilt

This piece is hanging in the Milne Library Gallery in Geneseo, New York, as part of my Vicious Scissors show there. I thought of it this morning as I looked out the window at the bleak, grey sky that is so very emblematic of upstate New York winters. A red dawn is what I need today.


snow in december

A near-monochromatic day, it was, with temperature about 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow was crispy, the sun was hiding.