surprise fish

Plate #25a & b
Parliament of Owls
7 inches wide x 5.5 inches high, closed; 9 inches wide x 5.5 inches high, open

Another plate from the Owls book. This one is interactive.



On a drive through some lake effect snow, I passed this barn, did a double-take and a U-turn. Here is how I see what is happening: The tree grew up next to the barn, but then got annoyed that the barn was in its way when it started to really spread its branches, so it took matters in hand, so to speak, and started scratching away at the barn in a long-term effort to make it go away. Given how long trees live, I'm betting on the tree. However, given that people have sharper tools, I think the tree is doomed to death by chainsaw. Without the chainsaw, just who is the underdog?


another owl

Plate #32
Parliament of Owls
collage, mixed media
7 inches wide x 5.5 inches high, two-page spread

More, another plate of the not-quite-finished collage book.


owls, continued progress

Plate #15
Parliament of Owls
7 inches wide x 5.5 inches high, two-page spread

In this unfinished—yet—collage project, there are 35 two-page spreads, plus outside covers. See this previous post for more.


before, during, after

This is my hand with its ring finger trigger finger intact.

This is my hand being fixed; the tendon is exposed there in the middle and is being released of what causes the trigger finger to trigger.

This is my hand all wrapped up after the event.


morning moon

Looking west this morning at a 95%-of-full waning gibbous moon.


birds and ice

One view today of Lake Ontario.

And the birds.


new member

This sockmunky showed up in the mail from the Sock Monkey Sisters who sell what they make somewhere on eBay. This fellow is pretty happy, a change from the dour faces of the others in the gang (check them out through the sock monkey label somewhere down there in the right-hand margin).