continued reduced linoleum block

Here are the last steps. The final image here is the final reduced block. All that I can now print with the block is the black part of the image. The edition is done.


reduced linoleum block

For a calendar project, I am printing the month of March as a reduced linoleum block print. This means that, after each color is printed, the same linoleum block is cut again to then print the next color, and so on to the end. The order of printing is from light to dark; yellow, red, black. The calendar part is handset type. You'll see the rest tomorrow.


oh, look!

This whole thing is amazing. Go here, see more (you might have to give your name and an email address, but it is worth it!). Also, see here for some history, of sorts.

hurricane rina

Is this a map?
It's a great view of a hurricane. Details here.


this is jupiter

Credit for this goes to NASA and others. Go here, read more.



be understood

10.25 inches wide x 8.25 inches high, two-page notebook spread


did you know . . .?

Today is National Fossil Day (I'm supposed to include the little TM mark, but I can't figure out how to do it, so make believe that it's there).

There's even a Fossil Day song and video. . .yikes!


what we all have

8.25 inches high x 10.25 inches wide, two-page notebook spread



From xkcd.com, this tribute to Steve Jobs.

Be sure to let your cursor rest on the image for a moment to get the hover text that brings the whole thing home.


a million little pictures, tomorrow/today!

A Million Little Pictures is a traveling exhibit put on by The Art House Coop. (See here.) On Friday, October 7th, the Photomobile housing the exhibit will be at The Mercer Gallery at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. It is building #12 in this map below. The exhibit runs for just that day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. I have at least one image in this exhibit.

Where it is:


remember this?

A few years ago, many of you watched as I posted a piece of new artwork every day for a year, birthday to birthday. These pieces are now for sale: $50 each, unmounted and unframed. Please go to this link to see them all again and, if you’d like to, choose your favorite. Send me an email to reserve it, receive instructions on how to pay for it (paypal or check), and it will be yours! To all of you, thank you for viewing my art.