new printed cards

I printed 10 of each of these cards and envelopes by hand using a wine cork and the eraser on the end of a pencil. The blue/grey/yellow ones will be available at the Park Avenue Festival in Rochester, NY, next weekend at the Chartreuse Studio tent outside of 270 Park. They also have some of my collages for sale. Nice place. Take a look.


I've succumbed.

I have made a Facebook page for The Make Things Workshop. If you use Facebook, it would be nice if you "Liked" it. And let me know what I should do with it.


the great and the finger lakes

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what I did in Iowa #3

One of the workshops I took was marbling paper. Some of my results are below. The woman who taught it is Melinda Stockwell, who owns The Calico Press in Birmingham, Iowa. Wonderful teacher and all-around fun person. Need graphic work done? Talk with her!


what I did in Iowa #2

I took several workshops while I was at Printer's Hall. One of them was to make a book structure called a Star Book. Below is mine. The book arts workshops were taught by two wonderful people from the University of Iowa's Center for the Book.


what I did in Iowa #1

Printer's Hall in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, is part of a historical complex that includes steam threshers, steam engines, railroad, carousel, and lots of letterpress printing stuff. Because this is a working museum, everything works. Everything! And people are encouraged to learn how to use it all and then use it. Below is some of what I printed, just for the fun of it.