shooting chickens. . .

. . .not what it sounds like. The artist Sean Pace builds sculptures that comment on the human condition and what we might do about it. This piece, Chicken Shooter, is one of two parts of a very large, engine-driven piece called Fight or Flight. Go here to see more. Oh, yes, he's in Asheville, North Carolina.


new art

Time is Not
working clock
mixed media
11.5 inches high x 9 inches wide

Several years ago, I decided to use fabric as though it were papier mache. So I built a cardboard skeleton, covered it first with paper papier mache (newsprint soaked in white glue), then with fabric soaked in white glue. Did the same with the sun. Bought the clock itself and the wooden feet, which I painted and glued onto the bottom. This piece has a couple of secrets. Of course. Nothing I wouldn't talk about, though.


one more pink thing

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Canaveral National Seashore, and the Kennedy Space Center share much of the same soggy, sandy landscape on the Atlantic Ocean shore. Many birds live here, too, dodging pesticides and rockets, including the roseate spoonbill, seen here hanging out between preening itself and fishing.


la florida. . .

. . .was named for its flowers. Camilia japonica bushes grow profusely (as do many other Camelias and flowers of all types) in Leu Gardens, where they were planted by Henry P. after he and his wife bought the property in 1936. Their goal was to show which plants grow in this USDA Zone 9b. They succeeded. In 1961, they deeded the house and gardens to the City of Orlando.


the atlantic

There are only a couple of things that I want to accomplish while I am down here. One of them is touching the Atlantic Ocean. Here it is, ready for me. Beautiful day, relaxing time; exactly the things that I need.


arrived in summer

And here it is: 81° and partly cloudy, 40% humidity and no breeze.
In my life, this is summer.


entering spring

I first saw forsythia in Johnson City, Tennessee, but it was probably blooming earlier. That is when I first saw it from the interstate. These daffodils are in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I am hurrying spring along as fast as I can.


leaving winter

Lake Erie is covered with ice. The grapevines on its shore are waiting for the sun's warmth and the rain's nourishment. I am heading south to meet spring as it moves its way slowly north.





It's March 1st and the daffodils are coming up in my backyard here in upstate New York. See them?! Now those are hardy plants. Right now it is 21° out and supposed to snow, but the sun is out and higher in the sky every day. I've had enough of turtlenecks and winter coats.