what is theoretical, what is not

All is Relative
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

"Theory" is the term of the week from Illustration Friday (see link in the sidebar). Random House Unabridged Dictionary defines "theory" in a number of ways, two of which are here: 1) "a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena;" and 7) "guess or conjecture." Too often, folks mistake the second for the first, probably not even knowing that the first exists. This is a strong word, one made untouchable because of the confusion above. And why does that bewilderment exist? Because there are people with ideas that benefit from such a misunderstanding of the term. They are able to use that uneducated perplexity to their own ends, thereby hurting all.


studio lolo said...

What I see in this collage is time flies and yet it stands still. Very nice!

Shani Thomas said...

Excellent, EXCELLENT, collage Ren. You really impress me. Your image choices are just great and you cut fantastic you can hardly see the edge. Oh, and in answer to your question...I use acrylic gel medium to glue in the thicker formula. But just recently I tried the more liquidy gloss medium and really liked it. I may start using that more when I'm through with the big tub I have of the other. And you?

WorkingWords100 said...