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How is it that I am successful at making paper collages but am having difficulty translating that into fiber? What is it that I do when making paper collages that I don't do when using fiber? What do I see in paper that I do not see in fiber?

Tell me, please.

Clarification, I guess: The question is, Is it possible to translate vision from one medium to another?


Anonymous said...

Lovely collage Ren, it has a mysterious middle eastern feeling to it, nice.

Hmmm...as to your questions well, it's kind of like apples and oranges, non? I don't know that you can compare, or that you should even try to. The great thing about collage is that there are SO many images to choose from, images you can use immediately with little manipulation, that your creative gratification is instant, whereas with fiber you have to work it into something else, again not the same thing, not the same process. And I might add here that your fiber work is absolutely marvelous!!! So, I think that you do very, very well at that too. Don't be too hard on yourself.

ren said...

Hm...I updated my question on the blog to: "Is it possible to translate vision from one medium to another?" What do I do when I place pieces of paper together that I don't do when I put pieces of fiber together?

Shani, thanks for your kind thoughts, btw. I'm always hard on myself :)