new world

New World
10 inches high x 8 inches high

Illustration Friday's theme this week: Baby. A new person.
How many more people do we need? It's the Earth that needs to be reborn.


steve said...

Insanely good stuff Ren!!

Connie said...

The animals will surely make a better job of it than we have. A very strong image.

Anonymous said...

I especially like the chicken in the...is it a nuclear energy silo or a grain silo? Anyway, a very effective image. I don't know about the earth reborn part, but I agree it's in need of a SERIOUS makeover, a relooking is most definitely in order. And yep, don't think we need too many more people, can't hardly feed the ones we have now (I just now read a UN report on this subject...too sad, it's depressing).