a little time travel

Back to Bolivar Peninsula in Texas for a moment.

This is a shark, an unhappy shark, a soon-to-be-dead and eaten shark. The fellow whose arm is holding the creature was smoking a cigar about the size of the shark and was very pleased with himself. 

The shark's skin is like metallic velvet: smooth when stroked towards the tail and like sandpaper in the opposite direction.

Other people on the beach were offering fresh shark meat for me to take home.

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K. said...


Indeed, I think we missed each other when we crossed paths somewhere on the Gulf Coast.

We were surprised by the devastation in Biloxi and Gulfport, but unlike you, we had never been there before so we had no frame of reference. In any event, it looked pretty bad, although there was something interesting about driving along a hundred miles of pristine beach which otherwise would have been built up with mega-casinos and resort hotels.

Our hotel in New Orleans was the Hotel St. Marie on Toulouse Street, which fit the bill (in that it was reasonably cheap during the week), had on-site parking and wasn't full of drunk people.