not where I want to be

Who Moved Me?
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

I went to vote at my local town hall, as I have done for the last decade or so. We are a small town, everyone at least recognizes each other, if isn't downright related. Hellos all around. They even know me, or more accurately, they know where I live. So, we look for me in the election book, as we always do. No Ren. Not in any book, not under any spelling of any name in my name. Huh. I came back several hours later to find that, according to the Board of Elections, I had moved. To South Carolina. They even had a street address.

Surprised me and everyone else. So I had to vote via an affidavit ballot, swear that I am who I have always been, and have it witnessed by one of the ladies, for whom this was a first. I came home and googled myself, of course, to see if there is any record of me being in two places at once. Nope.

So here is my request: If any of you get any questions about me, please send them right to me here. I will assure them that I haven't gone anywhere. Thank you.

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