By Dorothea Lange, The Road West [U.S. 54 in Southern New Mexico], 1938.

This photo is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, but is not on view. I came across it from the Met's "Featured Artwork of the Day," or something like that. It comes as an RSS feed to my iGoogle page and then I can save the ones I like in My Met Gallery. . .oooooh! I have my own art collection at the Met!!!

This image is evocative of what I am doing today--driving. Although not to the Southwest but certainly South; I'm on my way to North Carolina for a few weeks, to rest and relax before school starts at the end of August.

I will be posting irregularly, but I will be posting, and I expect to be posting my own photographs and artworks as I get some finished. So please keep watching for them and for news on whatever will happen with that yearlong project. I think I'm going to call it A Year in A Life; what do you think?

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