Nine Mile Point Gate

This road used to go right past the power plants. Now it ends at a security gate, although it still exists on maps, which makes the security guard's job more interesting. He comes out of his booth, hands on hips—almost touching his gun, staring me down. He's young. I tell him that I just wanted to look at the thing and I take it that the visitor's center is closed to the public. And he starts talking. He tells me that this year the plant has the first Friends and Family Day on the grounds to which others are invited; that Constellation Energy is now working with the French Department of Energy and are planning on building a fourth plant, right where we are standing! He talks about the road being closed and the detour to take to continue driving east. He tells me that nuclear power is the future of this country, that wind and solar can only be supplements, the problem of how much energy we all use is too big. Then he lets me do a U-turn beyond the gate instead of making me back out. I wave good-bye; he goes back to his equipment-filled, mirror-glass cubicle to wait for the next lost soul.

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