another collage for sale

Earthscape 3
17 inches high x 14 inches wide

For sale: $300, unmatted, unframed.
For details, email me from the box at the top of the right column of this post.


lake ontario morning

Surface Calm

Prints available.
Email me for information.


art for sale

Earthscape 2
17 inches high x 14 inches wide

For sale: $300, unmatted, unframed.
For details, email me from the box at the top of the right column of this post.


what is this?


good food (why don't these two words rhyme?)

Where can you get these?

Why, here, of course, at 12 Bones, the best smokehouse in Asheville.



prepping paper for printing

My paste papers: an old and traditional surface design technique involving cooking up a batch of wheat paste, adding pigments, spreading the paste on wet paper, then drawing designs on it.


good whitewater

Walters Power Project on the Pigeon River


if walking in the woods

Appalachian Trail Crossing
Where Route 32 (see previous post) becomes a dirt road, the Appalachian Trail crosses it.


a joke on the tourists, I think

Mountain Refreshment
There is a little road—Route 32—that goes from the Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park east to the Pigeon River, which forms part of the boundary between North Carolina and Tennessee. Route 32 is 16 miles of constant right-left-right-left curves, first going up, then going down the mountain. The last mile is dirt. It comes to an end here, across the Pigeon River from Mt. Sterling, North Carolina.

I was here on a Sunday.


great smoky mountains

1st Amendment Rights up on Clingmans Dome, highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Get a permit first.



it's really a water tower

Belton Standpipe
Belton, South Carolina

There is a Standpipe Festival here every year. Take a look here for more information on this water tower that is not a standpipe.


due west of where?

According to this information, this place was named for a place six miles west of here.


follow the truck

Road Construction in the Rain


eat ice cream

Goat on Parade in Hendersonville, NC


climbed a mountain in the rain

View from the Top of Devil's Courthouse

View of Devil's Courthouse from the Bottom


as big as his head

Peter's Garden


over 80 inches of precipitation annually

Why the Appalachians in the South are called The Great Smoky Mountains

Looking southwest at sunset on a very humid evening, it is apparent why the southern Appalachians are considered a temperate rainforest. Humidity can be 100%, the sun will be out, the temperatures in the 90s F, and it won't be raining.



New River Gorge, West Virginia

The New River is one of the oldest rivers in the world. It was flowing before the Appalachians rose, so it cut through them as they were forming. Read more here.


eat enough to flutter

Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Papilio polyxenes asterias

The Swallowtails are all over, flitting from flower to flower. They are the size of birds—4 to 5 inches from wingtip to wingtip. This one was at New River Gorge National Park.


outdoor storage

West Virginia Backyard

I looked out my hotel window and thought, "Wow! Look at all those deer!" Then I looked through the non-screened part of the window and realized that these were target deer. And, there's a pig, too, with a broken back.



By Dorothea Lange, The Road West [U.S. 54 in Southern New Mexico], 1938.

This photo is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, but is not on view. I came across it from the Met's "Featured Artwork of the Day," or something like that. It comes as an RSS feed to my iGoogle page and then I can save the ones I like in My Met Gallery. . .oooooh! I have my own art collection at the Met!!!

This image is evocative of what I am doing today--driving. Although not to the Southwest but certainly South; I'm on my way to North Carolina for a few weeks, to rest and relax before school starts at the end of August.

I will be posting irregularly, but I will be posting, and I expect to be posting my own photographs and artworks as I get some finished. So please keep watching for them and for news on whatever will happen with that yearlong project. I think I'm going to call it A Year in A Life; what do you think?