The other day, I went out to the lakeshore to eat lunch. It was cold, so I sat in the car, as several other people were doing in theirs. The seagulls have gotten so smart that they know when we are eating IN our cars and so they sit on the hood and look in through the windshield, screeching when we don't pay attention to them. When it becomes obvious that we are not going to feed them, they fly away to harass some newcomer to the parking lot.

I manipulated the photo I had taken of my personal harassing gull, and this is one result. I now have Photoshop Elements, which has many cool tools to play with. Some of the most simple stuff I haven't yet figured out (like how to put a simple black border around the picture), but turning an image into a negative with some interesting background color, I have been able to do. This would make a nice template for a linoleum block print someday, I'm thinking.

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