the power of the washing machine

The winter issue of CRAFT Magazine has a simple pattern for felted slippers. I needed a new pair of winter slippers, so I thought, "Wow! I can use up some of my yarn stash!" So, I set to work. This is what the end of the first step looked like:

Then came the sewing together of the long scarf-like thing. Putting this together involved labeling the sides of the squares, folding two of them on their diagonals, then sewing them together. Notice how LARGE this is.

And then comes the Magic Machine. I washed the slippers for 26 minutes in hot water, rinsed, spun, and air-dried the things. Now look at their size. They fit my feet perfectly.

I put sheepskin insoles inside for cushioning and suede soles on the outside to keep from slipping all over the floor. Yeah, I know, they're called "slippers," but I do not like to end up at the bottom of the stairs too quickly.


verobirdie said...

Amazing and quite pretty!

Liz said...

These look brilliant! I've seen a pair on Knitty but these look really straightforward...

Found your blog via SharonB's!