how I think

This is Fear Country
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

I've been asked, how do I come up with these collages? So, here is how. Start with the theme; this week, Illustration Friday's prompt is primitive. I riff on that. Look in several dictionaries to find, "pertaining to the beginning; original; simple or crude; old-fashioned." I connect with simple and with crude, crude oil, simpleton, what was in the beginning and what is being lost by our simple use of petroleum products and digging in the dirt to get oil and gems and to make the surface of the earth useful to us. And so it goes and I end up with this. I pull out images that feel to me like the thoughts running through my head on this subject. I cut them up, arrange them, glue them down, scan the image, and now you see it. But then there is the bit about the title. During this creation, I was listening to T-Bone Burnett singing a song called Fear Country; it struck the right bit in my brain, naming the artwork, saying what I mean.

And that is how I make a collage.


Kat Hannah said...

great insight into your technique and the thought processes involved - powerful cohesive piece

Anonymous said...

You know Ren, this is just really too weird! Have you noticed that sometimes you and I seem to kinda go in the same direction? Are we picking up some kind of psychic wavelength? You have Mr. Bush in your collage this week and I have M. Sarkozy in mine. Does this tell what we each think of our Presidents? Excellent collage!!!


nice work! great insight into your thought process as well...

j.dávila said...

Hi Ren! This is cool -- and thanks for the insight into your process.


WorkingWords100 said...

I like how you create.

Unique collage