The town of Eagle, in the Southern Tier of New York State, is a forested place, hilly, with some large dairy farms. And now, the entire town seems to be participating in a wind farm. These majestic windmills are everywhere, and they appear over every ridge as one drives up and down the roads. Impressive.


Anonymous said...

You know I have mixed feelings on these. There's a BIG debate this side of the pond on their use. On the one hand, I feel that we have to find more sustainable forms of energy, of which the wind is one. But, on the other hand throw a few of these into a beautiful bucolic landscape, complete with medieval villages, and it completely ruins the view. There are quite a few of these projects planned for France. A magazine recently published an article on the proposed projects, showing the landscape as it is now, and how it would look after they were erected. Unfortunately, the after didn't look so nice. What to do? No easy answer I suppose.

ren said...

Yeah, here in the US we have enough "space" that not all of the landscape has to be changed by the installation of these. And we don't have as old a landscape either. But, yes, there are problems with any technology.

What about putting them out in the ocean?

Anonymous said...

Well now that's a thought. Can they be in the ocean? And why don't we use more solar power, that's what I'd like to know? But then solar energy is less hard to control now isn't it, so the energy concerns can't make as much money off of it. I've seen these on a hill top, in an open area here and then it wasn't so bad. They should put these in Oklahoma, they'd generate enough energy there to power the whole state!