what do we revere

Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Homage," the definition of which varies from "respect" to "reverence" to "reverential respect." It comes from a ceremony during "feudal times by which a tenant or vassal promised fealty and service to his landlord." 
Not so much respect, in my view, as a statement of, "Ok, I'll do as you want, just let me live here
and don't throw me to the wolves,"
so to speak. 

I prefer to like what I revere.
You I Like
10 inches high x 8 inches wide


Shani Thomas said...

This is deep. I like the collage, but I really like your written post as well. I agree with your sentiments. I think I'd go so far as to say most people don't think about what they revere, whether they like, or not, agree or not, it's a sort of reverence by obligation kind of thing.

konvalia said...

great job.really deep in meaning,lovely illustration.really like it.