Because this Friday was February 29th, leap day for the leap year, the Illustration Friday theme was "leap." I leapt. I leapt into another place, filled with animals, toys, rain, and all those things endangered by stupid people.

Enough. Enjoy.

Into the Fire
7 inches high x 5 inches wide


studio lolo said...

I think you'd be very good at Soul Collage. I may have told you that before. Nice piece...and I understand your comment, really!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more on the comment Ren, and it's an excellent collage! Bravo!

Ars said...

Superb collage. I love the scooter on the fish's head.

WorkingWords100 said...

Very colorful and leapy.

Karen said...

this is one that I want to keep looking at--Nice job.