hanging on my wall

This is a small part of a quilt top that has been hanging on my wall for at least two years. It is six feet tall and five feet wide and needs to be backed, batted, and quilted. Then I can either use it, as I do all my large pieces—and that's why I call them "quilts" and not "art"—or hang it back on the wall, although I would really like to avoid that. It's been there too long.


Shani Thomas said...

Wow! Now that's impressive. I love quilts. It's something I've never done and so admire when it is done well like yours. I have 4 antique quilts from my greatgrandmother and they are my most prized possessions.

Anne Copeland said...

Wonderful piece, Ren! I absolutely love it. How fun it would be to have this on your bed. You are truly such an eternal inspiration to me. Peace and many blessings, Annie