population clock

Blink to 7 Billion
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

Another week, another theme on Illustration Friday: canned. Spam. Sardines. Crowds. Population growth. Check out the World Population Clock for estimates of increases. Short of a really, really big disaster, we are reproducing ourselves at a truly remarkable rate. If our governments worked this fast, we'd get lots done.


INDIGENE said...

Quite original and true! Cool thought!


Anonymous said...

Great collage Ren. Like the eye in the middle (eye of the storm maybe?!).

steve said...

Scary stuff Ren, huh? Yikes!! Anyhow, you did an amazing job with this collage.

steve said...

hey Ren, me again. just wondering if you got the e-mail message i sent you! get back to me asap if you did or did not! :)