where to be, what to be

Lost in a Fog of Melancholy
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

Once again, Illustration Friday's weekly theme has arrived: foggy, an adjective. I made it into the noun that sometimes surrounds me.


Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Nice collage.

stellarjae said...

I like this a lot. What program(s) did you use? Keep up the great work!


ren said...

no programs.
scissors, X-acto knife, glue.
nothing digital about my collages except the scan when I am done. no manipulation.

glad you like it.

steve said...

Yeah Ren, this is a beauty, and the added text at the bottom works very well!

Shani said...

Well done Ren! Another one without animals, a new trend maybe? Very good choice of images, very thought provoking. Btw, I'm enjoying your posts of the area where you're staying, very nice! I especially liked the one with your studio, looks like a wonderful place to create.