free the beast

Remove the Monster
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

Illustration Friday word: detach. I wanted to illustrate the theme more closely than I have before. Usually, I riff on the word and get going somewhere else. If I'm ever to really illustrate anything, I should try to do that, eh? So, here it is. Tell me if it works.

And yeah, I missed two weeks. Hated to do that; traveling and working on a needlework piece for a show, the deadline for which was moved a week earlier than I originally expected it to be. Yikes! I finished on time. And now am back here.


steve said...

Yeah, I want to do that more myself Ren-riff on a prompt and take it in another direction. Anyhow, I think this could be one of your best so far! Your work looks as if one can walk right into it and wander around.In the meantime, welcome back!

ren said...

thanks, steve, again, for your comments and support. glad that you like it!

Distressing Delilah said...

Very interesting detached! Well represented!

Anonymous said...

Great work Ren, and Steve's article on you and your work is fantastic!!!

Lorie M. said...

Nice work! I missed a few weeks too..