piece for michigan

Women's Revenge
12 inches x 12 inches
art quilt

Every fall, there is an art quilt exhibit at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan, curated by Lynn Krawczyk. And every year there is a theme: this year's theme is With One Voice, about all that is good in the world. All the pieces will be 12" x 12" and will hang together, side by side, to make one large piece.

This is my entry. It came out of my desire to see women truly run the world, which would mean a complete overthrow of the world's entrenched patriarchism. And maybe, just maybe, in the next presidential election there will indeed be a woman as candidate. And then, in the one after that, maybe we will actually elect a woman. Then, a hundred years later, the women running the world will be able to do it on their terms, not the ones left over from the centuries before.


steve said...

Yeah, there's quite a way to go with too many things in our country, and world. I can go on here forever but won't. Instead I'd like to tell you just how beautiful this piece is, and it shows your versatility Ren!

Cathy W said...

Great piece -- and today we know there IS a woman on the ticket! No matter which party wins, new records are being set this year!

Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating the labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition. This provided an opportunity to sneak a peek into your blog. I love this piece and your post about it. I hope it is successful in the competition.
PS Thanks so much for trading with me at CYBER FYBER. In case you didn't know, I too have more than one blog....my personal, artistic blog is http://artbysusanlenz.blogspot.com