what will we remember

This Was
10 inches high x 8 inches wide

Illustration Friday wanted memories this week. I want to know what we will remember, not what we remember now, because that is how we might make a good future.


Tammie Lee said...

I like what you say about this subject. What will we remember. Maybe we can create a life that will create good memories.

colorful healthy piece.

steve said...

I agree with Tammie Ren. This is a gorgeous collage by the way - the colors, textures and composition - WOW!

studio lolo said...

Quilts, books, cookies and avocado. I like those memories! I love how you put all of these elements together. I recognize pieces I have filed away for future collages but I enjoy them more through you.

Shani said...

Good job Ren, and thought provoking comments! Sometimes I wonder if it isn't what we forget that's the most important of all.