how to get things done

7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Put things in boxes, stack the boxes, and then try to remember what is in them while they teeter in the closet. Even with notes inked on the outsides, it is impossible to really and truly know what is hiding there.

I favor open storage.


Steve said...

Open storage probably prevents so much accumulation of stuff in the first place. Has it worked out that way for you?


ren said...

Oh dear, no. Lots of accumulation, but I know where all of it is and I use all of it. I'm not a pack-rat saving everything, just those things that will be useful really. And there are cleaning times, when things are thrown away, but not necessarily put away.

anandasata said...

Oh, YES! If it's hidden (what others may call "put away") it no longer exists. At least, that's what I'll stick to if asked. :)