new vocabulary

Allergic Reaction
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

I ate something spicy. Ten minutes later, I turned red. My face, ears, hands, palms, feet. Bright red. No rash, not really itchy, but very hot and painful. It hurt. I stripped bare and washed the affected parts with cold water. It felt good. About a half hour later, it was all gone. Gone. No rash, no red, no itch, no pain. A little tingling. Amazing what the body might do. It speaks a language that I don't always understand.

Sort of like listening to my cat demand I-don't-know-what.


Steve said...

I’m sad to know that you had such a bad reaction to something that was probably enjoyable; at least it was relatively short lived.

This piece relates the experience vividly.


ren said...

Thank you for your sympathy. It was a very strange, though interesting, event. It's not going to keep me from eating that food again, though. I'll just ask that it not be as spicy and see what happens :-)

I'm glad that the piece spoke what I wanted it to say. Unlike the cat.