lumpy's view

A friend of mine found a wonderful link to a website on which a woman had done nearly all of the research to understand copyright that collagists need. She tends to have a better-safe-than-sorry view of what is useable by the collage artists and does equate it all to the music sampling example, echoing my view. Find the site here. I would hate to see any part of my own work in anyone else's without them having asked for permission from me.

Meanwhile, Lumpy had found the warm spot on the library floor, next to the couch skirt that was closest to the hot air register. I have since moved the furniture for the winter so that he doesn't have to smush himself to get warm.

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Deb said...

why do they do this? After all they are wearing fur coats. One of mine "takes to the vent" when she's not feeling well.