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I participate in a monthly art quilt challenge called Fast Friday Quilts (the link is below and always in the sidebar on this page). On the last Friday of the Monday, we are given a challenge and have a week to produce our pieces. The challenges are meant to expand our thinking about our work, and they do that well. We might be instructed to do the theme of movement, for example, and then use some embellishment technique that is new to us to help express that theme. The results are posted on a blog on which we explain what we have done and can receive comments on the results. It's a wonderful, stimulating monthly exercise.

I realized this morning, however, that I post my art quilts there and not here, and that I should re-post some of them here because I'm thinking that many folks who read this blog don't go to the Fast Friday Quilts link to see what there is there and so are missing out on my art quilts.

So. . .I will post some of my work from there here periodically. I encourage all, though, to go to Fast Fridays to see what other members of the challenge group are doing. It's quite a creative bunch, I tell you!
* * *
Here is the challenge from October that involved movement and embellishments:

Solar Wind

When the challenge was first announced, I saw this image in my mind's eye. And it's taken me days and days to execute it. The movement part was fairly easy to put down. The embellishments were to be things that I hadn't done before. I explored different stitches on my machine and then used a couching/beading foot to put the strings of beads down. And I did that using invisible thread. Whew! That stuff is really, really invisible, both the clear and the smoke. I finished the piece with a satin stitch edge and a hanging sleeve on the back.

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