hillary has new hampshire

Ok, here's the background:
• I often feel strongly about what is going on in our country. However, I am also a cynic and so usually just hide while listening to the news on the radio. (See the Rosie post earlier about when I make my silly sock critters.)
• My thoughts on why women have been "put in their place" over and over are strong and loud and based on readings in history and religion. (I will write about those thoughts another time.)
• This world has been led by men for a very long time. There are good men and there are bad men out there. But it's been too long that it's been men in upper leadership positions everywhere. I think it's time to try something REALLY different, and that different thing is to have a woman run things for a while.

Now, why Hillary?
• She has the experience in government that means that she is not naive about how things really work in DC and around the world;
• She knows how the old boys' networks work and has the clout to get information from them; and
• She has a woman's understanding about what it's like to be a woman in this world.
That last is what will be the real change in our leadership: the courage of compassion and of conviction; the understanding of what it's like to be the lowest of the low; the ability to multitask successfully; the intelligence to learn; the strength that comes from knowing pain and love.

And with that, I am publicly showing my endorsement.

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