I've been knitting socks for years, now, but always from the top. This is my first toe-up sock. I'm using instructions by Ann Budd; she advocates the Figure-8 or Eastern Cast-on and a short-row heel. The toe is great; the heel, not so much. I don't like the extra yarn-overs which are used to form the fold. There are other ways of doing this, and I will find another one for the second sock. This yarn is Lorna's Laces; it's not hand-dyed, though it sort of looks like it might have been.

The major advantage to knitting socks from the toe up is that the foot will always have enough yarn and both sock feet will match. The leg section can then be knitted until the yarn runs out. When knitting from the top down, I often have yarn left over because I am too conservative on the leg section (unlike in other parts of my life!) so that I won't run out of yarn on the foot. I would like to have longer leg sections and the toe-up method should give me that. However, I will have to make sure that the top of the sock is wide enough, then, to go around my calf. Sigh. There's always something, eh?

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