a small piece

Fall into Winter Spring into Summer
18" high x 5 " wide

I made this piece in May of 2006, when spring was already in place, but winter was still a firm memory. It was fun to do: pieces of fabric fused to the batting; lots of thread work; embroidered and otherwise embellished joins.

I looked at it today and thought, "I still like this piece." I like when that happens. When I finish a piece and after a few weeks I think, "Oh, my, how embarrassing!", I remember my 7th grade art teacher (who, it was rumoured, ran off with our 7th grade science teacher; they both disappeared in the middle of the year) telling me that, if I was not happy with a piece of work when I was done with it, then I most definitely could do better. But she never told me what I'm supposed to think when I still like a piece after some time has passed.

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Sisters said...

I really like this piece. Was looking at your blog from the TIF challenge.
I like it also and it has given me a starting point on my Feb piece. Thanks you!