another roommate, of sorts

Zero the YoYoMan
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Zero the YoYoMan has joined the household. He was rescued from an antique shop by a friend of mine and brought to live amidst our many species of birds, cats, stuffed critters, and sock monkeys, who are taking this extremely badly, afraid that Zero will displace them as my favorite toys. (Joey the bird has already done that, but don't, just don't, tell them that. Two of them are still in the car from the summer travels, actually, and only heard the bird when it screeched once on its way home from the shelter, and they were sleeping and didn't know what that noise was. I told them it was another car's fan belt.) So now Zero is terrorizing us with those eyebrows of his. Maybe I'll take him to the salon with me on Monday and have something done with them. Cripes, they are scary! It's also that smile, though, so. . .I don't know. I just don't know about the YoYoMan.

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Moxie said...

Love this. I'd totally hang it framed in an artsy-bohemian nursery.