questions for my readers

For three weeks now, you have been receiving daily posts of artwork. These are part of a year-long project called "The 55 Chronicle." My questions to all of you are: Do you want information/explanation about each piece? Or is the title enough? Is there anything else you would like to see or read about? Please let me know because I certainly don't want to bore you, but I do want to put this project out there. If you are happy seeing the work, please pass the blog on to others you know who might be interested. If you aren't happy seeing the work, please let me know what would make you life better that I can actually do something about —we're talking within the realm of this blog, of course.

Meanwhile, here is what the sky looked like this morning.

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Anne Copeland said...

I always read your comments as I look at your art projects. I like to read what was going on in your mind when you made it. Thank you for always sharing. Peace and many blessings, Annie