7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Thunderstorm cells have been around all week with some spectacular storms—wind! rain! lightning! noise! So I thought that it was time that I dealt with this subject. And yesterday, that strange shrieking electronic beeping came on the radio during All Things Considered and the electronic weather voice started in, telling of massive storms coming. Wow! Official news of the storm! What great timing for this little art piece. I worked, stitching and stitching the rain, then stitching the lightning. Whew! But what a disappointment! My lightning is wimpy. And so was the storm. Turns out that it came across Lake Ontario, about 25 miles north of me, so nothing happened here. No thunder, no lightning, no rain. Sigh.

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jbhikercat said...

Beautiful collage; so something great DID happen :-)