Woodland Fish
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

What can be said about fish who swim through a woods, where one tree dominates the landscape? These trout-like fishies wanted to go on an excursion, so they left their cozy watery homes and gathered together to see what the forest—through which their stream flowed—looked like out of the water. They were happy doing it. This one day, they could breathe in the woods; it was the same oxygen, they rationalized, and that rationalization made it so. They went looking for what there might be, and they went and went. Eventually, something was going to happen to them. I suspect that they got tired and hungry, and although there was oxygen for them, the bugs were the wrong kind, so they found their way back to their water, ate a meal—they were hungry from their adventures!—and went to sleep, dreaming of their very satisfying day in the woods. And that is what happened.

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