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Plainly Hiding
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

When bored, all critters must do something to keep interested in life. Why else do anything but to keep interested?! Doing nothing is not in these genes, hence the house full of imps to keep all busy. Sometimes, hiding and finding is best. Other times, hiding and giggling is better. And there is always the garden to retreat to where the shrubbery leads its own active life. The feuds! Goodness! You'd think the roses and the mock orange would be more respectful of each other. But then, anything with the name "mock" to it has just got falsehood right there in the name, so what can one expect, eh? Then there's the twittering that can, and often does, inspire unending teasing. Teee-ze, teee-ze, chipchipchipchip, teeee-zeeee.

Harumph. Don't let the squirrels get in on the action. There will be nothing left for anyone else. But you can't tell the sock monkeys anything, can you.

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