carrying things

Melissa's Travel Shrine
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

My friends and I travel, separately, in interesting ways. I drive an SUV filled with books, a sleeping bag and pillow, and art supplies. Others keep their cars empty of everything until the day comes to fill them with suitcases and bags of snacks. And yet others take even less; they ride motorcycles, so can bring only what the saddlebags and tankbag can take: rain gear, extra undies, another pair of shoes, something to read. Some of these folks go for miles and miles simply for the going, then they write about the adventures. Check out John Ryan's trip around Manhattan and Melissa Holbrook Pierson's 1000-miles-in-a day project. Keep checking in on them, because they will continue to move and move some more. I will continue filling my little truck with things that help me understand what I am seeing. It is a wonderful life we have that we can go in our many ways.

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Melissa Holbrook Pierson said...

And some of us (by which I mean "you") travel to interior places, and go just as far as a thousand miles on a map.

What an amazing transformation you've wrought on your raw materials.

From a gift, to a gift.

Thank you, Ren.