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Crazy Night Sky
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

The moon is waning and sleeping is a bit easier without that huge orb shining its wonderful light in my face. Yeah, I know, I could put up drapes to block out all the light, the kind of drapes that I use in hotel rooms because they have lights right outside the windows! Notice that?! They also have those bright red or green, depending on where you are staying, lights on the smoke detectors shining down from the ceiling, which, of course, now that I had closed the drapes, the room is pitch-black, or so I think it will be, but then all the other lights start showing up, like the smoke detector. And then there is the hair-dryer doubling as a nightlight in the bathroom, brighter than necessary to find the toilet in the dark. But the worst, once I've closed the drapes and gotten all the outside light out, is the crack under the door with the lights from the corridor shining in, shining as though someone is out there with a flashlight, pointing it right under the door and into the room! So I unplug the hair-dryer/nightlight and stuff a towel across the crack under the door. Whew! Nothing to be done about the smoke detector point of light except keep the blanket or pillow in the way. Don't get me going on the rooms with microwave ovens and their blinkingblinkingblinking clocks and what I do about the bright alarmclockradio! Drapes at home. I like knowing when it is morning, and those black-out drapes do too good a job of keeping the light out, so when the sun actually rises, I can't tell. So I don't want drapes at home because the only lights—really—that are bothersome are when the neighbors forget to turn out the floodlight in the driveway. What the hell is that all about anyway?! The light just makes it easier for whatever thieves might want to steal anything. Sure, light the way! Who is going to see them and say anything! It's harder to do stuff in the dark. Which is why we are afraid of it and light it all up to make it go away, even though it is easier and better for us to sleep in the dark.

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