societal norms

What I Wear To Work
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Several years ago, I figured out that if I wore black pants, white or black shirts, and red or yellow jackets, then I would look appropriately dressed for work. Some days, those days when I have to perform, to engage people in thinking, I even wear some lipstick. I have found that that way people find it easier to focus on my mouth to see what they are hearing when I am saying it. Other days, when I have meetings with administrators, it pays to wear something red to let them see that I am not afraid of standing out. Yellow works, too, but red is more traditionally powerful. Yellow is fun or is necessary when, deep in the winter dark, the sun has not shone on us. And then there are days when I just do not care and that's when I wear my jeans and whatever shirt I want to. Phffft on society's expectations of adult behavior. Today I wore jeans.

Oh, and a good way to get people's attention is to wear cool, colorful shoes.

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