food paradox

Onion Fields
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

I don't like onions. I have even been heard to say that I hate onions, but really I just resent them for how badly they make me feel. Of course, I have to use them to cook with, because foods cooked without onions that should be cooked with onions just taste horribly. And if they are cut up into very, very small pieces and they are well-cooked and are inside something—like meatloaf, mmmm—then I can eat them, but not if they are just sort of cooked or are deep-fried or are raw. Yikes! Raw is the worst! But drive up to the muck fields on the Lake Ontario shore when the onions are ready to be harvested and smell the wonderful air: earthy, oniony but not cooked, rich, fresh. Stop to breathe it in, to know where these bulbs come from. Then find the garlic fields and know that life is good.

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