I won!

Read & Win
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

This summer, at the Bloomfield Public Library, I filled out a Bingo-like piece of paper with what I had read during the summer. The point was to get people to read, which is the library's reason for existence, really. I forgot about it. Then, this day, I went into the library to return things, maybe pick something else up to read, when the library director and some of her staff presented me with a tote bag FULL of things. I had won the random drawing of those summer pieces of paper!

Now comes the really, truly, wonderfully remarkable part: everything in the bag was something that might have been chosen especially for me, except that they told me that it wasn't, that everyone who won got the same stuff. But it was just perfect for me: Staples gift card, note paper, more note paper, sticky notes, soap, tape measure, pen, pencil, iced tea, can cozy (however that's spelled), colored pencils, drawing paper, my favorite chocolate, and two children's books, each of which is illustrated with collages! How good is this?! And, here's the coolest thing, really: it's only the third time in my life that I have won something, twice in a random draw. Whew!

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