what to do

Going Out Tonight?
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Oh dear, she thinks. Should she go out? Try her new shoes on the dance floor? What if they hurt the backs of her heels? That's a horrible feeling; it makes her limp, or rather, walk as though her shoes hurt her feet. That is just unacceptable. She should be elegant and presentable, and bad shoes just do not do that for her. Goodness! It's hard enough finding shoes and a purse to match anymore, much less to get a dress to fit without having to wear so much lycra that she looks like Dolly Parton without the basketballs. How does that woman sleep?! Certainly not on her tummy, unless she . . . no, don't go to imagining any special mattresses. What a digression?! She wants to go dancing. There's an open dance—swing!—that she can go to. There are no refreshments, though, so she can't get a glass of wine to loosen up her shyness enough to actually accept an invitation to dance. Should she smuggle a flask in? That might be too-too, though. And she certainly doesn't want to unbalance herself so much that if she were to be asked to dance she wouldn't fall all over her partner, giving him the absolutely wrong impression! Oh, my! Not that!

Maybe staying home is the best option. Too many things to worry about out there.

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