where is the bunny?

Lost in the Maze
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Bunny rabbits don't have great senses of direction, except for those times when they are trying to run away from something, and then they go every which way, so any direction is right and no direction is left. They manage to elude even car tires this way, often, not always, but many are very lucky. They also have a good record of scaring the car drivers into thinking that they are going to be run over by sitting very still, looking directly at the driver with that one eye, then, just when the driver starts swerving to miss the damn little bunny, the bunny zig-zags away. I believe that rabbits hold zig-zagging rallies, just to see how many accidents they can cause without dying themselves. They all get together on a Friday night, sit around on the edges of the highway, and dare each other to jump out there, scare a driver to death, and live to collect the money. Ha! What they forget is where they came from because that sense of direction that they think they have, they really don't, so they get lost, can't find their buddies, lose the winning prize, and die getting home, unless they are really and truly lucky, and then that last happens after another rally.

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