weather rules

What She Once Wore
7 inches wide x 7 inches high

Once upon a time, she lived in a place where the weather was never extreme, except when she didn't have to go anywhere, so there was always enough rain and snow and cold and hot sun, but she was able to avoid it because the weather cooperated with her plans, and she always cooperated with the weather. In this way, all was in harmony. They had worked hard to get to this balance; she, in particular, had special needs that required following the negotiated terms to the letter. Her special needs were her wardrobe. She had to, just had to, be able to wear what she wanted without having to cover it up with raincoats or umbrellas, to be too hot or too cold for her planned outfits. The shoes were important. Very important. And it all worked well. She was perfectly dressed and coifed and shoed. And because she was so, the rest of the world lived well, for she and the weather had their arrangement, their organized system to keep all in place.


Quiltin' Mama said...

Do you have a running list of ideas? Do they just fall into you hands or is there a lot of deep thinking going on here? It is all great!!

ren said...

The more of these I do, the more ideas I have :-)

Originally, each piece was to say something about the day on which it was made. What happens, though, is that I'll think about the day and then riff on something from the day, go to my studio, look at stuff and something catches my eye, and then it just goes from there. So the answer is: both.

I'm glad that you like them. I love the zone I get into when I do them, so I look forward to all of it and it's nice to know that others out there like it all, too.